Please Come Prepared.

How about a nice pampering to get your pet looking their best? A quick brush and rub with a wet wipe can work wonders, unless you like the mud look, and some people do as it shows their dogs true character.

A favourite toy or treat. To get them to pull that funny face or stand to attention we’ll need some kind of distraction, The funny face and a bit of an excited tongue go hand in hand with a dollop of dog friendly peanut butter.

On or off lead? that is the question. One thing I do ask is that if it’s off lead then they will have to have a good solid recall as I’ll working outside in public spaces, it’s only fair to others.

In preparation of having your pets photo taken, please can you download and fill out a copy of the release form below. Don’t worry if you can’t as I will have copies for you to fill out prior to our session.

Most importantly let’s have some fun and enjoy our pets.